1st AFRICE International Conference

Experts, scholars and researchers from around Cameroon, Africa and the world at large, were gathered at the Amphitheatre 700 of the University of Yaound I between March 1st and 3rd 2013.

The conference participants were thrilled with the rich academic menu of over thirty (35) carefully selected papers on “Old and New Slaveries: What do the Schools Teach Humankind?”.

The debates on the various aspects of old and new slaveries were exciting and challenging.

1st AFRICE International Conference report

The first official Executive Committee Meeting of AFRICE was held in Corsica (France) on July 5th 2011 during the Fifth Annual Conference of the Mediterranean Comparative Education Society (MESCE).

Opening the meeting, the President of AFRICE, Dr. Willibroad Dze-Ngwa welcomed all the members present and thanked them for attending the meeting despite their various busy schedules and responsibilities tin their home countries and Universities. He also extended a word of thanks to the MESCE, and the Honorary President, Prof. Giovanni Pampanini, for making it possible for this meeting to take place.

He was glad to announce the admission of AFRICE into the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES). Dr. Dze-Ngwa expressed regrets that some members from the Congo and Senegal could not attend due to visa problems. The President then conducted formal introduction of the members present.

The Honorary President on his part shared his joy with the members that the committee was able to meet physically and not via emails AS had been the case from the inception of AFRICE. He sympathized with members who could not get visas to attend the conference.

Prof. Giovanni Pampanini, presented a brief history of AFRICE and noted that the idea was born in 2008 with the aim to promoting Comparative Education in Africa by African scholars and by other Africanist scholars all over the world who are interested in developing comparative education in the continent.

Taking the floor, the Vice President, Daniel K. Gakunga, came back on AFRICE’s membership to WCCES and expressed joy to have represented AFRICE when it was officially admitted into WCCES, during the CIES 55th annual conference held in Montreal Canada.

Following interesting discussions and debates it was agreed that:

On Membership

  • AFRICE National chapters should recruit members in their respective countries.
  • Membership fee should be US $ 50 per individual member. US $ 30 is to be retained and used by the national chapters and US$20 be sent to AFRICE main account.

On AFRICE Activities, the main activities of AFRICE should include but not limited to;

  • Research in Comparative Education.
  • International, Regional and National Conferences and
  • Publication. (On this score the creation of an African Journal of Comparative Education (AJCE) was announced and the Executive Committee was charged with the responsibility of steering the first edition by April 2012.

3rd AFRICE International Conference

The 3rd AFRICE 2017 Conference is upcoming.

More details to follow.

Dr. Daniel Komo Gakunga - The new President of AFRICE

Dr. Daniel Komo Gakunga

Dr. Daniel Komo Gakunga is the new president of AFRICE.

Dr. Gakunga, a lecturer at the Department of Educational Foundations; School of Education, College of Education and External Studies was announced President of AFRICE during the 2nd AFRICE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE held at Kenya Science, University of Nairobi on 19th June 2015. He will serve as president for the next 2 years. Before his promotion, Dr. Gakunga served as the Vice President of AFRICE since 2013.

The College of Education and External Studies, the Department of Educational Foundations and the entire University of Nairobi extend their congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Daniel Gakunga as he leads AFRICE to new heights.

D. Gakunga: Bio


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