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AFRICE intends to integrate the international and comparative studies on Education with historical, interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches.

The African macro-region, in fact, is uniquely rich with historical events which in many ways affected the destiny of the educational institutions not only in Africa, but also, in the Diaspora and the entire world.

One can argue that, many old circumstances with new ones are there to influence the shape of the current and future different school systems in Africa.

AFRICE intends to implement and improve upon programmes of research and studies run by academic institutions, in the fields of History, Philosophy, Politics, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Religion, and Literature of Education, besides organizing scientific meetings, conferences, and congresses at the national and international levels.

AFRICE intends to do so as much as possible in all the African countries, and also in all those countries where there is an important African presence. While AFRICE is a Pan-African academic society, it encourages the creation of national branches in ALL African countries and in areas which shares in the ideologies of AFRICE.

In order to reach its objectives, AFRICE is willing not only to favour the publication of studies focused on Education in the indicated geographical space, but also to promote a new journal inspired by historical and interdisciplinary approaches to Comparative Education.

For all its activities AFRICE accepts regular funds granted by academic institutions, public institutions and private foundations whose aims are consistent with those of this scholarly Society.

3rd AFRICE International Conference

The 3rd AFRICE 2017 Conference is upcoming.

More details to follow.

Dr. Daniel Komo Gakunga - The new President of AFRICE

Dr. Daniel Komo Gakunga

Dr. Daniel Komo Gakunga is the new president of AFRICE.

Dr. Gakunga, a lecturer at the Department of Educational Foundations; School of Education, College of Education and External Studies was announced President of AFRICE during the 2nd AFRICE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE held at Kenya Science, University of Nairobi on 19th June 2015. He will serve as president for the next 2 years. Before his promotion, Dr. Gakunga served as the Vice President of AFRICE since 2013.

The College of Education and External Studies, the Department of Educational Foundations and the entire University of Nairobi extend their congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Daniel Gakunga as he leads AFRICE to new heights.

D. Gakunga: Bio


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