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AFRICE Background information

On the basis of a general project presented by Giovanni Pampanini, ex-member of the WCCES, to the WCCES on 19.03.2008 in New York, different groups of researchers in the field of Comparative Education met both in Africa and out of Africa and discussed about the possibility to create a new academic Society. The aim of this academic society is to promote studies and research in Comparative Education with a major focus on the African continent, adopting historical and interdisciplinary approaches.

As a result of those discussions and meetings, a decision was taken to found such a new academic Society called Africa For Research In Comparative Education Society (AFRICE). With the creation of AFRICE, the academics and researchers whose names are listed in the attached document charged me, and I have accepted, to present to you their willingness for this newly created society, AFRICE, to be admitted into the WCCES constituent Society. AFRICE was admitted as a member society to WCCES in 2011 Montreal Canada CIES conference.

AFRICE Constitution

The Africa for Research in Comparative Education Society (AFRICE), is constituted formally by this act, that is recognized by all the below researchers who are signing it and therefore are its founding members.

The AFRICE welcomes all scholars and researchers from all over the world, in particular those who belong to or focus their research on the African Continent.

AFRICE Mission

The mission of AFRICE is to promote studies and research on Comparative Education within educational institutions and systems in Africa giving priority to historical and interdisciplinary approaches. Since AFRICE is based on the “philosophy of sharing”, one of its aims is to encourage dialogue, mutual confidence and understanding among African scholars and researchers who focus their studies on the African continent.

In addition AFRICE wants to encourage African scholars and researchers to join the international scientific community of Comparative and International Education, and to favour the realization of international meetings in its macro-region.

Given that the mission is consistent with the general philosophy of UNESCO and other UN related Organizations, and the existing academic Societies of the field, AFRICE wants to establish structural linkages with the above mentioned bodies.

3rd AFRICE International Conference

The 3rd AFRICE 2017 Conference is upcoming.

More details to follow.

Dr. Daniel Komo Gakunga - The new President of AFRICE

Dr. Daniel Komo Gakunga

Dr. Daniel Komo Gakunga is the new president of AFRICE.

Dr. Gakunga, a lecturer at the Department of Educational Foundations; School of Education, College of Education and External Studies was announced President of AFRICE during the 2nd AFRICE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE held at Kenya Science, University of Nairobi on 19th June 2015. He will serve as president for the next 2 years. Before his promotion, Dr. Gakunga served as the Vice President of AFRICE since 2013.

The College of Education and External Studies, the Department of Educational Foundations and the entire University of Nairobi extend their congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Daniel Gakunga as he leads AFRICE to new heights.

D. Gakunga: Bio


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