AFRICE Constitution


Article 1:

It is created in Yaounde an association called Africa for Comparative Education Research (AFRICE) with the motto: Research-Integrity-Progress.

Article 2:

The association’s purpose and mission is to mobilize its members to:

  • Promote studies and research in comparative education and educational institutions between the systems in Africa
  • Give priority to interdisciplinary approaches to educational research;
  • To give a basic philosophy of sharing to research;
  • To promote dialogue, mutual trust and understanding between African intellectuals and researchers who are focusing on the African continent;
  • To encourage African Scholars and researchers to return to the international scientific mentioned;
  • To promote a new journal inspired by interdisciplinary approaches to comparative education in order to promote the achievement of macro-level international meetings given that its mission is consistent with the general philosophy of UNESCO similar organization societies of this field that already exists;
  • To establish structural links with the above bodies;
  • To reconcile international and comparative studies in education with interdisciplinary approaches.

Article 3:

The association (Africa for Research in Comparative Education) is an apolitical organization.

Article 4:

The headquarters of the association shall be in Yaounde.


Article 5: The association has one (01) body

  • The Executive Committee

Article 6:

The Executive Committee consists of nine (09) persons having a president at its head who do not necessarily represent his/her own country.

Article 7:

The Executive Committee members

Article 8:

Condition of admission of new members:

  • Have a Master’s Degree and be researcher in at least one of the following fields: comparative education, international education, intercultural education, development education and history of education.
  • Has paid his/her dues amounting to $ 50US per year.

Article 9:

Powers of the Executive Committee

1)The Executive Committee approves the annual program of action. It:

  • Deliberates on issues on the agenda.
  • Hear the moral report presented by the President.
  • Approves the annual report presented by the auditor.
  • Have power if there is any renewal and/or replacement of bureau members.
  • Set appropriate statutes and rules;

May delegate certain powers to the President and/or one of the members

The Executive Committee has technical committees whose number and duties are set by the internal rules.

Article 10:


They are held regularly every two years and the EC is elected every two years in the general assembly considering the distance between the members including the EC. Elections can be conducted by mail.

The launching of the project on the 13-03-2008, following a series of meetings held in Africa and elsewhere, the EC of AFRICE was designated and presented by Giovanni Pampanini in WCCES and the he plans to extend it to 2012, when elections will be conducted again during a meeting in a general assembly.

The EC consists of the following:

  • President: Dr Willibroad Dze Ngwa (Cameroon)
  • Vice President: Dr Daniel Komo (Kenya)
  • Secretary General: Dr Tohnain Nobert Lengha (Cameroon)
  • Treasurer: Dr Mme Tamajong Elizabeth (Cameroon)

Executive committee Members

  • Prof : Therese Mungah Shalo Tchombe : (Cameroon)
  • Prof : Albert Pascal Temgoua : (Cameroon)
  • Dr : Nekatibeb Teshouse : (Ethiopia )
  • Dr : Pierre Muzinga Ngolera : (Congo)
  • Mr : Charles Avens Ndiaye : (Sngal)

Article 11:

The President represents the Association in all acts of civil life. If he is unable to attend, he is replaced by the Vice President. If the latter is absent, the President may appoint any member to represent the interests and possibly of association. For an financial transaction, the joint signatures of the treasurer and the President are mandatory. In case the President is not available he appoints a person to represent the association.

Article 12:

The executive committee members are elected in general assembly for a period of two years renewable.


Article 13:

The income of the association will come from

  • Membership fees
  • Voluntary contributions
  • Income from various activities of the association
  • Donations of all kinds

Article 14:

The expenses of the association are distributed as follows:

  • The cost of running cost of the bureau
  • Capital expenditures (organization of social research, cultural, educational, economic)
  • The aid
  • Direct events


Article 15:

Changes may be made to these statutes by the association in a general assembly, ordinary and/extraordinary assembly from the proposal of the President or two thirds of the members.

Article 16:

The dissolution of the association can only be pronounced by the President on the request of two thirds of the active members in the general ordinary and / or extraordinary assembly.

Article 17:

In case of dissolution, the property belonging to the association is decided on by 2/3 of the members present at the time of dissolution in an assembly.

Article 18:

Savings Account: The savings account (Bank) is opened. It operates under the signatories of: President, Treasurer and auditor.

Adopted hereby by the constituent Assembly.

3rd AFRICE International Conference

The 3rd AFRICE 2017 Conference is upcoming.

More details to follow.

Dr. Daniel Komo Gakunga - The new President of AFRICE

Dr. Daniel Komo Gakunga

Dr. Daniel Komo Gakunga is the new president of AFRICE.

Dr. Gakunga, a lecturer at the Department of Educational Foundations; School of Education, College of Education and External Studies was announced President of AFRICE during the 2nd AFRICE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE held at Kenya Science, University of Nairobi on 19th June 2015. He will serve as president for the next 2 years. Before his promotion, Dr. Gakunga served as the Vice President of AFRICE since 2013.

The College of Education and External Studies, the Department of Educational Foundations and the entire University of Nairobi extend their congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Daniel Gakunga as he leads AFRICE to new heights.

D. Gakunga: Bio

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